10 Most Expensive Houses In The World

10 Most Incredible And Expensive Private Houses of All Time / 10 Most Expensive Houses or mansions In The World Only rich people can afford.

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There is certainly no place like home. Whether it is a big ranch in the countryside, or a small comfy space in the center of the city, a home is a place where we always want to go back to – this is where we rest at the end of a day full of work, and a space to find comfort after long travels around the world. For some people, the idea of home is beyond just having a place to rest and eat – for them, home can be anything from a twin towered building in the center of infinite gardens, to a living room with 360 degree views of the closest ocean. Today we’ll be looking at ten of the most incredible and expensive homes on Earth. Keep in mind that our picks are not only expensive, but they are very unique in their own way, featuring spaces that you never thought could exist inside someone’s home. Make sure you watch them all! Perhaps you’ll get ideas for your dream home. Number one will definitely change the way you think of home so far!

Number 10: Chateau Artisan

Who doesn’t want to live surrounded by water!? Back in the day, people would dig ditches around their homes and fill them with water to protect them from invaders. Today, surrounding your home with water is more of a luxury rather than a protection technique. That’s the case of Chateau Artisan, a French style house surrounded by water, that looks like something out of a fairytale. On one end of the property you can find the staircase entrance, right after you walk through the courtyard, which will definitely make you feel like you traveled back to medieval times or to the set of the Legend of Zelda. On the opposite end there is an amazing square pool with a fountain in the middle. At this property you can also find a terrace jacuzzi, a koi pond and of course, swans that get to enjoy the benefits of having this man-made lake. The three-storey house, which is at the center of the property, has 8 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. The building is not as big as other buildings on our list – but the outdoor space definitely makes up for it!

Number 9: Celine Dion’s Waterpark Mansion

You heard her music, you might have seen her perform, but did you ever get to see what Celine Dion’s house looks like? Down in Jupiter Island, Florida – one of the most expensive places in USA – Celine Dion built a mansion, a space to go back to after all those weeks of touring around the world. With Bahamian vibes at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, this mansion has 13 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms, surrounded by wide open spaces and amazing views. What makes her place so unique is the water-size pool that sits at the front of her palace-looking home. It even has a water slide! Back in 2017, Celine finally put her home in the market – with a $72 million price tag, but she ended up selling it for only $27 million. Do you think it’s worth that much?

Number 8: The San Francisco Eco Friendly Mansion

Now that people are constantly looking for ways to make a positive impact in their environment, it makes sense that a house on our list is not only expensive, but also eco-friendly. We’re talking about this $40 million house in San Francisco’s Billionaire Row. About 40% of its energy comes from the sun and it has a rain-water collection system that can hold more than 5,000 gallons of water! Can you imagine that? This house pretty much works in harmony with nature. With 7 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, this house had to go through a long process to get to where it is today. However, the end result is rewarding. This house is fully automated: lights, music, temperature, doors – everything can be controlled from a personal device such as a smartphone or a computer. Even the lightbulbs will adjust automatically if you were to move the artwork or furniture underneath them. Whether it’s day or night, the non-reflective glass windows offer incredible views of San Francisco and its most popular landmarks such as The Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. What better way to spend $40 million than using it towards a house as green as this one.

Number 7: 924 Bel Air Mansion

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