The World is Breaking Apart! Top 10 Largest Cracks On Earth

The World is Breaking Apart! Top 10 Largest Cracks On Earth
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🌍🤯 Discover the jaw-dropping power of our planet in Top 10 Largest Cracks On Earth! 🌍🤯 Dive deep into Earth’s most astonishing geological wonders with our exhilarating countdown. From the awe-inspiring Great Rift Valley to the mysterious Siberian Batagaika Crater, we uncover the secrets behind the colossal fissures tearing our world apart. 🌋📏 Whether you’re a geology buff, an adventure seeker, or just curious about our planet’s dynamic nature, this video is your ultimate guide to understanding Earth’s mightiest cracks. 🚀🌏

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Hannah Thompson:

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Michael Hall:

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Landon Dowlatsingh-

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Chris Stiuso

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Time Codes:
0:00- Intro
0:15- Eastern Africa Rift
1:35- Infernal Gateway
2:48- Dead Sea Transform
3:44- San Andreas Fault
4:55- Denali Fault
6:03- Glen Fault, Scotland
6:57- Anatolian Fault
7:48- Kamoamoa, Hawaii
8:49- Main/Himalayan Frontal Thrust
9:55- Rios Grande Rift

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