Top 10 Banned Cartoon Episodes

Top 10 Banned Cartoon Episodes

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When you think of cartoons for kids, you probably don’t expect them to be controversial — well,
most of the time. And yet, even the most wholesome of kid shows can sometimes find
themselves in hot water and getting pulled from the air or banned totally. Here are 10 banned
cartoon episodes. Epilepsy warning at 3 rd , so watch out for that
Number 10.) South Park – Super best friends
Even though South Park is an animated show, the long-running series about four boys growing
up in the small Colorado town of South Park is definitely not a show for children. The show does
a great job of making fun of current topics in the news and pop culture, and along the way
creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker have offended many with their satirical jokes. But, in a
special two-part episode of the show, which marked the 200th episode for the series, Parker and
Stone went too far in the eyes of the Comedy Central network. This is because the episode
featured Muhammad, the Muslim prophet, as a character. Along with that, other characters like
Jesus and Buddha were shown too and that made the religious community really angry, as you’d
supposed. This led to physical threats of a fatwa being issued to Parker and Stone from Muslim
extremist groups. When the episode aired, Comedy Central censored it by blocking out
Muhammad in every scene he was in and removing his dialogue. The episode has not re-aired

Number 9.) TaleSpin — Flying Dupes

Talespin is the infamous cartoon show that people still think should have lasted a lot longer.
While the show only had one season under its belt, it did have a whopping 65 episodes. But it
would be the final episode of the series that would garner controversy. The episode had it all. In
it, Baloo is asked to deliver a package to the High Marshall of the fictional country Thembria.
Unbeknownst to Baloo though, the package is actually a bomb, given by manufacturers who
want to start a war. Yes, that is indeed a terrorist plot mixed into a show about talking animals
who have the credentials to pilot aircraft. For this reason, the episode would be banned from
playing ever again on Disney channels, although it would play once in 1999 on Toon Disney,

Number 8.) Gargoyles – Deadly Force
Everyone knows that Disney is known for its fun, jolly, and bright colored themes when it comes
to cartoons but Gargoyles was the only Disney show that maintained a darker tone throughout its
series run. The show is about mythological warrior creatures who are statues during the day and
fight crime at night! The originality never fails to amaze us. It was basically like Batman, except
instead of being playboy billionaires during the day, the Gargoyles were subjected to being castle
decorations instead. So, while scenes of violence weren’t a native concept to the show, one
episode featured a scene deemed too graphic to show unedited. This particular episode had one
of the Gargoyles, named Broadway, playing around with the gun that belonged to Elisa, the
human detective, in her apartment. The gun accidentally goes off, and to Broadway’s shock and
horror, he discovers that the bullet hit Elisa and finds her lying in a pool of her own blood. While
the episode was meant to teach about gun safety, the episode would be pulled from the air

because of the graphic nature of the scene. It would later re-air but Elisa’s blood would be edited

Number 7.) Beavis and Butthead – Comedians
Beavis and Butthead is no stranger when it comes to banned episodes, as the show has pushed
the limits a few times. So, while the show could have had its own list dedicated to its banned
episodes, the episode we shall focus on is the one that ended in tragedy. In the episode titled
“Comedians”, Beavis and Butthead try their hand at being stand-up comedians. When they
ultimately fail, Beavis ends up burning the comedy club down when he lights some newspapers
on fire. A month later, a boy in Ohio set fire to his family’s trailer home, who was apparently
inspired by the show to copy the stunt that Beavis pulled in the episode. This led to the tragic
death of the boy’s baby sister. Because of this, the episode was pulled from airing on MTV
eventually, although the network did try showing an edited version first. This led to fan
complaints and threats though, so MTV stopped showing it completely

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