Top 10 Best Naval Combat Games

Top 10 Naval Combat Games

Which video games feature the very best warfare on the high seas, the coolest battleship combat, and the most immersive naval strategy? Get your sea-legs on and swab the deck, cuz Watchmojo is checking out the games that have best fighting boats in the biz. Get the torpedoes ready, prepare the cannons to fire – All hands on deck!

00:26 #10: Harpoon
01:22 #9: Battleships
02:17 #8: Steel Diver: Sub Wars
03:14 #7: Dangerous Waters
04:25 #6: Silent Hunter IV: Wolves of the Pacific
05:48 #5: Empire: Total War
06:29 #4: Battlestations: Pacific
07:35 #3, #2 & #1:???

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