Top 10 Dark Disney Rides Possessed By DEMONS

Top 10 Dark Disney Rides Possessed By DEMONS
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🎢 Disney’s Dark Side: Think Disney rides are all about fairy tales and happy endings? Think again.👻 Dive into the “Top 10 Dark Disney Rides Possessed By DEMONS” and uncover the spine-chilling tales of attractions that might just have a sinister presence lurking within. From eerie whispers to unexplained malfunctions, these rides have stories that would make even the bravest souls think twice.🎥 Join us on this thrilling journey as we venture into the haunted corners of the happiest place on earth. Are these tales mere urban legends or is there a darker truth behind the magic?

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Time Codes:
0:00 Intro
0:23 The Ghost of Walt Disney
1:37 River Country
2:26 Those Bones Ain’t Fake
3:39 Nara Dreamland, in Disney Japan
4:30 It’s A Small World
5:10 Dolly
6:02 George of the Caribbean
6:42 Sea Monsters
7:28 Space Mountain Ghost
8:38 Haunted Mansion

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