Top 10 Dark Secrets Meghan Markle Is Hiding

Top 10 Dark Secrets Meghan Markle Is Hiding
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Dark secrets!? No. not actually. Actually, today we are mainly just talking about some things that Meghan Markle revealed in the new Netflix Docu-series about her and Harry. Have you seen the docu-series yet? Let’s talk about the Top 10 Dark Secrets Meghan Markle Is Hiding.

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Time Codes:
0:00 Intro
0:22 How she met Harry
1:11 Meghan did a deep dive on Harry
1:58 Meghan’s first reaction to their debut trip was that it was… awkward?
2:53 How the paparazzi was always present in her royal life
3:46 How the royals initially felt about Meghan’s addition to the family
4:31 How Meghan first met Will and Kate
5:23 Her relationship with her half-sister and her niece
6:15 The media was lying all along
6:57 Meghan and Harry think being a royal is absurd
7:38 Meghan actually went to the police about the paparazzi

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