Top 10 Disturbing Punishments Used On Evil People In History

Top 10 Disturbing Punishments Used On Evil People In History
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From the chilling historical dungeons of medieval Europe to ancient civilizations’ eerie retribution methods, this video delves deep into the macabre past to reveal the spine-tingling punishments that once awaited those who dared to commit heinous acts. Prepare to be shocked as we unearth the tales of torment, from the notorious Iron Maiden to the horrifying breaking wheel. Join us on this hair-raising journey through the annals of justice, where the boundary between cruelty and retribution blurs, leaving you both horrified and captivated. So, if you have a morbid curiosity or a thirst for history’s darkest secrets, don’t miss this chilling countdown of punishments that will send shivers down your spine. Subscribe now and hit that notification bell to stay tuned for more bone-chilling historical revelations!

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Time Codes:
0:00- Intro
0:28- Poena Cullei
1:45- Stuck to Table
2:28- Impaled
3:28- Blood Eagle
4:30- Molten Gold
5:27- Immurement
6:34- Broken On The Wheel
7:44- Death of Balthasar Gérard
9:04- Rats
9:25- Keelhauling

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