Top 10 Final Fantasy Classes

Top 10 Final Fantasy Classes

Which is the best class in the Final Fantasy franchise or series? Who is the most powerful? These are important life questions, and today we’ll be going through the classes of this ironically named series to see if we prefer the Black Mage, the Thief, the Red Mage, The Summoner, the Dark Knight, The Monk, The Ninja, The Dragoon, the Paladin, the Time Mage, the Mime or the lowly Onion Knight. These can be from any game from Square Enix’s landmark roleplaying series – So Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy III, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy XIV are all eligible, even the spinoffs like Final Fantasy Tactics. So long as it has FF in the name, any and classes your party members can take on in this JRPG franchise are all fair game here.

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