Top 10 Games That Deserve a Reboot Pt.2

Top 10 Games That Deserve a Reboot Pt.2

These are the video games that need a new entry, and fresh start, and brand new franchise. Some are long forgotten and some lost their way and fell out of favor, but all are deserving of a second (or sometimes third or fourth) lease on life. We already did a list on this topic a while back, so be sure to check out our first video on the Top 10 Games That Deserve a Reboot:

00:48 #10: Advance Wars
01:38 #9: Jet Force Gemini
02:33 #8: Earthworm Jim
03:20 #7: Bully
04:13 #6: Dino Crisis
04:57 #5: Jak & Daxter
05:52 #4: Burnout
06:53 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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