Top 10 Massive Waves Caught on Tape

10 Massive Waves Caught on Video

There’s nothing more refreshing than a day at the beach. Especially on hot summer days, when the sun is out and we can’t stand the heat anymore. And the day wouldn’t be complete, without a nice dip in the water. But things might look a bit different when you come face to face with some of the biggest waves in the world. You might want to swim towards them, or surf them…but I am sure that most of us will want to run away from them. Today we’ll be looking at “10 Massive Waves Caught on Camera.” You will not believe how big these waves are. It was a fun thing for some, and a scary moment for others. But one thing is for sure – the ocean is strong and those waves are the ultimate proof of that. Stay with me all the way to the top of this list and find out more about a place that is surrounded by waves that you might never want to see in your life.

Louis Majesty

Besides the beach, cruise ships are the other way to experience the ocean. They are the perfect way to navigate the waters while you and your loved ones get to spend some quality time, enjoying everything that they place has to offer. And while cruise ships have been made to resist any harsh weather condition, some things are unpredictable and sometimes, chaos can hit in the blink of an eye. This is what happened to the Louis Majesty Ship as it was sailing off the coast of France. It was met by not one, not two, but three massive waves! The ship was traveling from Cartagena, Spain to a town in Italy when it was suddenly met by such a scary set of waves. Surely, the cruise ship was built to resist challenging conditions, but no one would have ever thought that they would have to face three waves in one go. The passengers had to be brought to Barcelona and the ship had to be repaired after traveling the oceans for more than a decade without any incident like this one.

Huge Wave Slamming Taiwan

If big waves are scary on their own, imagine what happens when they come along with a natural disaster. Back in 2016, Taiwan was hit by Typhon Megi. This typhon was so big that it caused 10,000 people to evacuate their homes, and it brought one of the scariest waves ever recorded. You can see on this video how it hits the coast, mercilessly, and it even rises above the lighthouse. That lighthouse is at least 27 meters high, which is roughly the size of a ten story building, but it surely looks small against this monstrous wave. Surprisingly, the lighthouse still stands, which goes on to show how effective Taiwanese architects are at making strong, steady buildings. Due to their geographical position, they have to prepare


The next wave on this list is not one that came at a specific time, or catastrophe. Instead, the Pe’ahi Break, most commonly known as the Jaws Surf Break, is a spot where you can find Monster Waves every year. The place is so popular that it has been listed multiple times as the winner of the billabong big wave contest. Now, one thing to keep in mind is that the waves don’t come all the time, so you have to be aware of the season to make sure you catch them. Once they come, these waves can be as big as 60 feet or 28 meters tall, which makes it exciting for surfers, and amusing for watchers.

Glacier Calving in Kenai Fjords
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Not all waves are necessarily moving. With that being said, we can count these glaciers as big chunks of frozen waves. And once they start calving, it can be quite an amazing and shocking experience. A group of tourists in Alaska got the chance to witness an espectacular show of glacier calving during their visit to the Kenai Fjords National Park. It all started with a bit of ice coming off the glacier, and soon enough, it felt as if the whole thing was going to fall apart. Calving usually occurs when the glaciers come to an end. It’s a process that can last years and it causes the land mass to decrease – like the Greenland Ice Sheet

Portugal Town Hit by Waves

It was a stormy day in this town off the Atlantic ocean and people were just staring at the ocean

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Top 10 Massive Waves Caught on Tape

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