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Have you ever been chased by a fierce dog, through the streets of your hometown or by a park nearby, when you were young? Lets hope not! But I did, way back in the day. And believe me, its not a nice experience. It is scary as hell! This video shows you some of the fiercest and wildest dogs that you can find in the world. Almost unstoppable as well as dangerous, you will find a big variety of breeds. Click on the video if you are into huge, heavy, and expensive four legged beasts!!

Pets, especially dogs, can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, ease loneliness, encourage exercise and playfulness, and even improve your cardiovascular health. Loyalty is also just a natural behavior for dogs. Dogs are pack animals, meaning they are social creatures who prefer the company of other animals. This behavior is a survival mechanism too. Packs succeed because the members of the group depend on one another to survive. Dogs are said to be man’s best friend, while this is true, are you aware that some dogs are not so friendly as you might think? Some dogs are certainly not for Family usage as they are very dangerous. Some of the dogs you see in movies or on the street seem to be cuteness itself. But after the first excitement of getting a dog abates, you may notice that your kid isn’t able to walk the dog on their own.
For a fact that dogs are related to Wolves doesn’t make them dangerous, however, what if there are dangerous dogs out there? Due to frequent attacks on people, certain breeds are banned from breeding but this video will show you the list of top 10 most dangerous dog breeds in the world. We can call them the most dangerous dogs in the world because that’s how humans want them to be due to genetic manipulations.

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Dogs have gained the unique title of man’s best friend, but these dogs on our list can also be your worst
enemy. Today we will be looking at 10 of the most dangerous dog breeds in the world. Watch out for
number one, they are so fearsome that even the most seasoned of predators have learned to stay away
from them.

Number 10. The Doberman Pinscher
Let’s start this this with one of the most feared dogs in the world, and that fear is not unfounded.
Doberman pinschers are one of the most fearsome looking dogs in the world. It has a snarl that would
put fear in the hearts of the bravest men, and a booming bark that would make anyone cower in fear.
But are these menacing qualities only for show? Unfortunately, no.
Doberman pinschers are famous for their agility and tracking abilities, making these breed of intelligent
dog the perfect guard. However, they require a closely monitored training with consistency and
patience. If left untrained or trained improperly, they will be quite hard to manage. Large and extremely
strong, with a bite force that can literally crush bone, Doberman Pinschers are very capable of killing
humans. They are also a very sensitive breed and they don’t take kindly to people who mistreat them. If
maltreated, these monsters can be very aggressive and in most cases, attack without any provocation.

Number 9. The Wolfdog
Wolfdogs, as the name tells us, is a crossbreed of domesticated dogs and wild wolves. Whoever thought
that those two would make a good combination we’ll probably never know, but due to the traits that it
gained from both parents.

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