Top 10 Mysterious Arctic Expeditions People NEVER Returned From

Top 10 Mysterious Arctic Expeditions People NEVER Returned From
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Welcome to the heart of the Arctic, where chilling mysteries and frozen horrors await. Join us as we journey into the frigid unknown and uncover the grim tales of the Mysterious Arctic Expeditions People NEVER Returned From. From evil demons and scary horror expeditions to terrifying evil exploration stories of the frozen Arctic, this video is sure to send shivers down your spine! From the cold, dark depths of the Arctic to the haunted halls of the underworld, these adventures will tantalize your taste for the mysterious and scary! So what are you waiting for? Join us on one of these terrifying arctic expeditions! 🥶

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Time Codes:
0:32-Franklin’s lost expedition
1:31-Karluk expedition
2:40-The lady Franklin Bay expedition
3:44-The Polaris expedition
4:48–The Jeannette expedition
5:35-The S.A. Andree expedition
6:50-The Brusiloy expedition
7:50-Dyatlov Pass
9:15-Ziegler Polar expedition
10:17-Peter Tessem and Paul Knutsen

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