Top 10 REAL People Who Were Wrongly Convicted

Top 10 REAL People Who Were Wrongly Convicted
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If today’s video proves anything it’s that a conviction doesn’t always mean justice has been served. Today we dive into some of the most disturbing cases of wrongful convictions. Some of these individuals have been locked up for years for crimes they never committed, some even lost their lives as a result of a wrongful conviction. Join us as we discuss the Top 10 REAL People Who Were Wrongly Convicted.

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Time Codes:
0:00- Intro
0:14- Anthony Porter
1:27- Mahmood Hussein Mattan
2:48- The Mickelberg Brothers
4:20- Sam Sheppard
5:58- The Central Park Five
7:23- Birmingham Six
8:26- Rubin “Hurricane” Carter
9:26- Norfolk Four
10:48- Darryl Hunt
11:59- The Salem Witch Trials

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