Top 10 Reasons NOT to Move to Canada

The Top 10 reasons You Should NOT move to Canada and the worst things you NEED to know before moving to Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal!

Worst places to live in Chicago, Illinois –

What’s it like living in Canada? Well, for starters, it’s cold, but it’s also one of the Top 10 BEST countries to live in the World! As the 2nd largest country, there is so much beautiful nature from Banff and Jasper National Park to Vancouver Island to Niagara Falls, as well as some amazing cities and provinces like Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Ottawa and Toronto, Ontario, and Quebec City!
Now while there are many similarities to the United States of America, there are also a few differences, so hopefully this list helps new immigrants! If The Great White North is one of the happiest and safest countries in the World, with an incredibly high quality of life, universal healthcare, and tons of fun things to do, then why shouldn’t you live in Canada?

Thanks for watching From Here to There! This is one of my top ten videos where we explain things about the world, it’s history, and geography, starting with the different states, cities, and towns in the United States. Find out the worst and best places to live in 2020!

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