Top 10 Scary Area 51 Urban Legends – Part 2

Top 10 Scary Area 51 Urban Legends – Part 2
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Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the Internet! I am your host, Rebecca Felgate and today I am talking the Top 10 Area 51 Urban Legends Part 2! We made part one earlier this year but since the whole LETS SEE THEM ALIENS thing came to pass, well, we have decided that we need to create a part 2.Before we get into this video I want to ask you guys if you honestly and truthfully believe that aliens exist at Area 51? I am so on the fence…I think we all love a myth and legend, hence why you guys love watching our videos … so I am inclined to say no… but maybe! Also before we get into this – I want to give you some clarification about BOB Lazar – I mentioned him in my Top 10 Area 51 myths video and I falsely said that the whistle blower worked at Area 51 in the 50s, when actually it was much later in the 1980s. We’ll hear a bit more about his thoughts in the list…

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