Top 10 Scary Demonic Encounters On Tinder – Part 2

Top 10 Scary Demonic Encounters On Tinder – Part 2
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Okay listen, we all know my thoughts about the people you find on Tinder. Demons, dark angels, Satan himself, and Chad from Sigma Chi. They’re all there! But seriously, it can be a STRUGGLE to find someone worth talking to for more than five minutes on tinder. Every conversation starts looking the same cus you have to go through the initial getting to know phase with everyone. I remember when I was on it, I was like how many times now have I told someone what I do and where i went to school. But no matter what sort of people I’ve had to deal with, thank GOD none of them are these people. Let’s find out more about these demonic encounters in our Top 10 Scary Demonic Encounters On Tinder.

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