Top 10 Scary Randonautica Experiences On Tik Tok – Part 3

Top 10 Scary Randonautica Experiences On Tik Tok – Part 3
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This app has really intrigued me you guys, i wanna go on a randonautica adventure myself so if i told come back to hosting MA or Central then you guys know i set my intention to something dubious and they got me. If you’re unaware, a quick reminder as to what Randonautica is about. So the app asks you what you’re looking for, or what your intending to find, it could be anything from the word deathh to red and green or pure happiness. The app then generates a set of coordinates for you to go to and you’ll find what your looking for when you get there or so they say. You can either visit an attractor, a void or an anomaly. “An attractor is a spot the app deems has the highest concentration of quantum dots, whereas a void is the least. An anomaly is the strongest pick of those two different options.” What is up you guys, hope you’re having an awesome day, I’m your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video.

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