Top 10 Scary SCP Creatures You Thought Weren’t Real

Top 10 Scary SCP Creatures You Thought Weren’t Real
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Of course you thought these bad boys weren’t real. I mean there’s new ones all the time and there’s no way that this many super natural things could exist in one place without some of us finding out. Or are some of these real and the SCP foundation is just so good at their job because they keep everything locked away. Hello again most amazing top 1o family I’m your host Che Durena and welcome back to most amazing top 10. Today I’m going to be going through the SCP foundation once again to bring you the top 10 scary scp creatures you thought werent real, but are real, well probably not but it’s still fun to speculate. As always I would love it if you could comment , subscribe and hit the little notification bell and stick around until the end of the list because I’m going to be answering some questions from my instagram inbox. If you want me to answer your question you can hit me up through the gram.

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