Top 10 Scary SCP Sightings

Top 10 Scary SCP Sightings
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So i think im the only host on Top 10 who has never done an SCP video until now. I literally had to google what it stood for I really thought it’d be like Scary Creature Prison, not Secure Contain Protect. Is that not slightly anticlimactic? I just feel like it is. Anyway, there are thousands of SCPs out there, which you guys will know more of than me. The foundation’s goal is to contain any anomalies in the world so humankind isn’t threatened by an extra-dimensional, extraterrestrial, extraordinary force or being or entity. Basically, they contain any threat to humanity. And so we stan the SCP Foundation. Let’s take a look at these dangerous SCP creatures of the SCP foundation. These SCP creatures caught on camera are terrifying! Without any further ado, this is the Top 10 Scary SCP Sightings

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