Top 10 Scary Tinder Urban Legends – Part 2

Top 10 Scary Tinder Urban Legends – Part 2
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Tinder man. Tinder tinder tinder, are we ever gonna get enough of tinder? I dont think we are. The mix of unpredictability, attraction, tension, possibilities and creepiness on the app are truly unparalleled. You never know what youre gonna get on there which makes it super fun but also super scary. I prefer bumble to tinder 100% obviously it depends on what youre looking for, if you want hookups tinder is the way, if youre looking for something more serious like i was then bumbles better. And i feel like hinge is for older people and frankly i just never figured out how to use it properly despite Che showing me LOL. But every app comes with the stories and legends surrounding it and Tinder is no different.

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