Top 10 Scary West Virginia Urban Legends That Are Pure EVIL

Top 10 Scary West Virginia Urban Legends That Are Pure EVIL
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Prepare to be chilled to your core as we delve into the eerie depths of West Virginia’s most spine-tingling urban legends. From haunted coal mines to ghostly apparitions haunting abandoned asylums, this video is a bone-chilling journey through the paranormal heartland of the Mountain State. Join us as we uncover the malevolent mysteries lurking beneath the surface of West Virginia’s history. Whether you’re a paranormal enthusiast or just seeking some hair-raising thrills, this video promises to deliver the ultimate dose of supernatural intrigue. Don’t miss out on the sinister secrets that have left even the bravest souls trembling in fear!

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Time Codes:
0:00- Intro
0:22- The Flatwoods Monster
1:42- Ogua
2:51- Trans Allegheny Asylum
3:50- The Sodder’s
4:53- Eaton Tunnel
6:20- Penitentiary
7:09- Mamie Thurman
8:07- Dingess Tunnel
9:17- Moth Man
10:14- Screaming Jenny

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