Top 10 Very Good Doggos from Video Games

Top 10 Dogs in Video Games

These are very good boys, excellent doggos, super cute doggies, the bestest breeds, perfect pets, excellent puppers, enthusiastic puppies – and the occasional vicious canine. Only one can be man’s very best friend, but with contenders like Dogmeat, D-Dog, the Duck Hunt Dog, Parappa the Rapper, Shadow from Dead to Rights, Interceptor from Final Fantasy VI, Riley from Call of Duty, Sam from Sam & Max, Lupus from Jet Force Gemini and many more all barking for a position, they’re gonna have to be on their best behavior to get a shot at the top! Such entries, Dogge is proud, wow.

If by any chance you’re debating whether dogs or cats make the better pet, be sure to check out our VS video to see where we stand…or sit….good boy:

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