Top 10 Video Game Concept Artists

Top 10 Video Game Concept Artists

Who are the most coolest, most influential, widely used and most talented concept artists that work in the video game industry? Whose artistic vision has shaped the amazing visuals that we see in some of the best games out there, both past and present, modern and retro? Join Watchmojo as we look and some of the names that have made our video games into the works of art they are known as today.

00:36 #10: Hidetaka Miyazaki – Dark Souls I & III, Bloodborne
01:34 #9: Ayami Kojima – Castlevania
02:39 #8: John Sweeney – The Last of Us, Uncharted 4
03:41 #7: Python Anghelo – Joust, Pinball Machines
05:00 #6: Bengus – Street Fighter series
05:55 #5: Samwise Didier – Various Blizzard games
06:52 #4: Akira Toriyama – Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest, Blue Dragon
8:00 #3, #2 & #1: ???

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