Top 10 Video Games that Couples can Play

Top 10 Video Games That Couples Can Play

01:00 #10. “Just Dance” series (2009)
01:50 #9. “WarioWare Smooth Moves (2007)
02:34 #8. “The Wolf Among Us” (201314)
03:34 #7. “LittleBigPlanet” series (2008)
04:17 #6. “Portal 2” (2011)
05:07 #5. “Minecraft” (2011)
05:48 #4. “Wii Sports” series (2006)
06:32 #3, #2 & #1

What are some video games that would be fun for couples to play? In this countdown we present some of the best games out there that you and your significant other can play together without having to simply watch the other player. There’s something for every kind of couple. Are you two active? Try Just Dance series or Wii Sports for a serious sweat session. Are you two into music? There’s Rock Band! If you guys are more into exploration and adventure, try Life is Strange or Minecraft.

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