Top 10 Videogames that are Chill AF

Top 10 Videogames that are Chill AF

These videogames games are relaxing as hell, soothing as heck, chill AF. Unwind with watchmojo as we calmly walk you through our picks for that games that are the most serene, peaceful, atmospheric, zen-like, laid back, calming, unwound, rested and yes, chill that we can think of as we sit here so blissfully. Whether you prefer to unwind with a Journey, take a swim in the Endless Ocean, enjoy a Harvest Moon in Stardew Valley, gaze at the artwork in Monument Valley, trip balls in Proteus, reach total cleanliness of the mind in Viscera Clean-up Detail, follow your own version of the Plan, or just play the Sims & Minecraft because you’re too busy for wordplay, we’ve got you covered here.

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