Top 5 Best CRM of 2018.. Choose the right one for your business!

How to integrate your CRM with other tools:

Choosing the right Customer Relationship Management Software today can make a big difference in the managing and growing your business.

Over the past years dozens of new Software solutions have popped up in the market and the choice has never been more abundant than today in both terms of affordability and functionality.

But as often happens, too much choice can be overwhelming, so in this video we picked 5 of what we believe to be the best CRM of 2018 to discuss their features and hopefully help you with your own choice.


(0:35) 1. Zoho CRM
(1:28) 2. Salesforce
(2:25) 3. Hubspot CRM
(3:27) 4. Bitrix24
(4:10) 5. Pipedrive

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